Warning… Discharge

Coughing or laughing, Had a few bits like this fall out over the past 5 days, maybe like 2/3 times, I went into maternity unit the first time it happened and It wasnt waters and cervix was closed. It’s happened again yesterday and today Is this mucus plug coming away? Pressures stronger and got back pains and a few cramps 37 weeks today
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It doesn’t look like your plug. It’s extremely mucus like when it does come away and is quite often tinged with a little blood. Discharge does get much more frequent around this stage of pregnancy. I had similar with my first. I went to triage thinking my waters were slowly going and it transpired it was just discharge. Xx

Don’t look like you’re mucus plug hun but if you’re having back pains I feel like you could be going into labour I would call antenatal good luck hun x

yeah looks just normal discharge

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