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I’m 35+4 and just had a growth scan as bump was measuring small. Baby is 5lb 12 - what’s everyone else’s?
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I was measuring 5lb 3oz at 36+2 so back next week for another scan

At 33 weeks I was measuring “big” so went for a scan and baby was 5lbs 7oz and they said that’s on track

35+4 and baby is 5lb 10 so very similar to you

At 35 weeks was measuring ‘big’. Went for a scan at 35+4, everything good. He’s roughly 6lb 3oz.

At 37 weeks I measure 5lb 10 oz

I had one at 36+3 because I was measuring slightly off lines on my chart and during the scan she was measuring 6lb 9oz and they said it’s fine

36+3, 5lb 14 x

I had a scan at 34+2 and was measuring at 5lb 14oz. Got another scan next Monday (37 weeks) so will probably be bigger 😳

Had a growth scan yesterday at 36 weeks. Baby is measuring 5lb 8oz

34+2 yesterday and had a scan, said she’s measuring 5lbs 2oz and on track x

I’m 37 and 5lb 9 but they said in normal range for my weight and size! At 35 weeks they said 4lb! But these last few weeks they can put more weight on so I wouldn’t worry

36+5 yesterday and measured at 6lb x

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