Postpartum Hairloss

Hi Ladies! Did you experience postpartum hairloss? When did it start? When did it stop? Did anything help?
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3 months passed still no hair loss.

Mine started a few months after birth maybe? I don't have thick hair to start with and it didn't seem to thicken during pregnancy like I was hoping, but it has been coming out constantly in little clumps. I'm 6 months pp now and it seems to be slowing down with falling out, but all I could do was keep it tied back loosely (to stop the baby pulling more out 😅) and reduce washing it so much. X

Honestly, mine started during pregnancy and got worse 5 months pp. My baby is 25 months and I'm still losing hair 😩 and I'm preggo again.. I've had weeks where it's less but it's still a lot of hair I'm losing.

With my first it started around 3 months and 2 months with my second. At 6 months I stopped shedding and started seeing new growth. Low manipulation and hydration helps. I continued to take my prenatal vitamins, hair vitamins and rosemary oil.

Mine started right at 4 months! Didn’t realize it’d be so delayed. Hopefully stops soon 😂

Started around 3 months postpartum. Lasted maybe 2 months. The growing back is horrible. 17 months pp now and still can’t get it all pulled back! I feel like no one talked about this before I had my son. 😫

Mine started at about 3.5 months. I found this interesting - it explains why it happens.

Started a few months after birth and started getting better as my daughter was about 6-9 mos old. My hair dresser said it was totally normal and standard what I experienced…

@Sarah thank you so much for sharing this. Its so reassuring

My baby is 3.5 months and my hair is shedding real bad. It started when she turned 3 and exactly like comments below i was so shocked to see the amount after having lovely hair for the past year. Im hoping it doesnt last long and my hair starts growing as soon as, as im struggling to hide the patches here and there. I feel like the shine in my hair has gone no matter how i style it. Im glad there is this platform to discuss and hear that im not alone. People dont prewarn you, and when it happens they just tell you its normal and you not stress about it. As a women/mum i feel like theres so much we go through both physically and mentally 🙁

It started after maybe 3 months and then stopped after a few months. I use Rosemary mint scalp oil to help with growth and the R+Co Dart pomade stick to help with the crazy short hairs sticking out 😅

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