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Is it normal to be crying so much during 2nd trimester? I feel like im going insane and saying silly things. It’s putting so much pressure on my relationship, my boyfriend is finding it so hard to deal with me and it’s causing lots of arguments which are just unnecessary I even got mad and shouted at an old man for beeping at me because he wouldnt let me in at a junction in my car and i keep having really bad road rage and now i feel awful for shouting at him and telling him to f*** himself…. am going crazy? do i need to get counselling or help? Ive never felt like this in my whole life. 😔💔😪
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I don't think you're going crazy. There's alot of hormones going on and they can be a b*Tch. I had a full breakdown the other week. Maybe ask your partner to be patient as hormones will have a lot to do with it. If you feel its really getting on top of your daily life 100% speak to your midwife for advice and support. Hope you're doing ok 💓

Hey mama ❤️ so sorry you're having a rough time. Pregnancy can be really tough & go easy on yourself. Try and take some time out to do something you enjoy. Everyday have 'me' time. Pamper yourself, do a hobby, take your mind off everything. As the above comment says if it's really getting on top of you, definitely ask for some support. Xxxx

thanks so much ladies 😢❤️ i will definitely try speaking to the midwife its so hard sometimes xx

I’m feeling the exact same. I felt completely fine during my first trimester but since entering the second, I have felt so crap. I’m crying pretty much everyday and feel so depressed. I’m going to give it a few more weeks to see how I feel and if things don’t improve will talk to my GP/ midwife. I would suggest doing the same if you are finding things really tough. Sending you lots of love as I know how hard it is xx

@Amie you can always message me if you need a chat 🙏 lots of love xxxx

Thanks @Reema i hope you find yourself too - it can be so hard 😞 i havent been feeling the best either which may not be helping i think its a huge mix of physical, and emotional feelings xxxx

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