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Im meeting my midwife tomorrow to ask for an c section due to my mum getting fibromyalgia from a traumatic birth, doing research says that it could be dormant in me until I have something traumatic happen e.g like birth and I think a planned c section is the best way as I’m feeling very anxious as iv seen what my mum has gone through with this condition but I’m so worried ill get turned down and told i cant have one what does everyone think? Any help would be appreciated or anything else I can say so they don’t turn me down
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Your midwife will refer you to a consultant who will discuss the risks and benefits of an elective c section. As long as you’re still happy to go ahead, they absolutely cannot refuse to give you a c section x

I'm also planning an elective c section due to a bone condition I have and the fact arthritis and fibromyalgia run in my family. Though my partner and family both reckon I would be able to do natural it's for my own peace of mind to ensure baby and I are as safe as possible and recover well than take a risk. If you explain your reasons and explain how worried you are they cannot turn it down, even if there was no set reason, if you want a c section they have to obliged.

I’ve opted for a c section due to personal preference - first baby and low risk so no medical reason. They were absolutely fine about it and said it’s my choice. Consultant appt to chat through risks but they said no problem they’ll book me for 39 weeks 😊

They cannot refuse a c section, it’s your legal right to be able to choose how you want your birth and they have to honour it. Even if they’re arsey about it (hopefully not) be persistent. You don’t have to have a reason to have one, it might just simply be choice. I am also speaking to my midwife at the possibility tomorrow, baby is transverse and I don’t want to be induced and will be admitted to hospital at 37 weeks anyway if baby doesn’t turn on her own. I’m worried to death and would just rather have it planned now and should she turn I can choose to cancel my elected c section and try vaginal x

You can have a C-section because you want to, you don't need a reason, however it wouldn't be booked before 39-40 weeks unless you or baby are at risk. Just ask your midwife to get things sorted with requesting one .

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