Drop in fetal weight

So my baby has always been on smaller side. My first was born at 39 weeks at 6lb7 I’m currently 36+2 and my scan today showed a drop in baby’s weight. He gained weight but wasn’t following the line as he was before. They haven’t told me his percentile and I can’t see what it is as it’s all on badger notes and doesn’t say but they’re doing scans weekly until I have him to check he’s growing. Last scan at 32+2 his estimated fetal weight was 1,835grans and today’s was 2,377. I’m trying to eat as well and much as I can. Is there anything else I can do? And what happens if he doesn’t gain ‘enough’ weight? They’ve been vague so far and just said we’ll do scans weekly.
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I had the same at my 36 week scan, baby not growing in line with the growth chart. However, the doctor said not to worry yet as it's only estimated. I have another scan next week at 38 weeks to check growth again and whether baby is still breech, if the weight is still not showing in line, my c-section will be brought forward x

Thanks! Yeah Ive got a scan at 37+2 then they said another will be a week later. I did think if he’s not growing how they’d like then c section may be brought forward but they didn’t say.

I’m back for another growth scan next week as my boy had slowed at 36 weeks down to 5lb 3oz and had dropped to 12th percentile. They’ve told me if he drops below the 10th they recommend an induction at 39 weeks (if I want)

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