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I’m 31 weeks pregnant and I am really worried about breastfeeding, I would absolutely love to be able to breastfeed but I have had breast implant over the muscle (they have been in for 5/6 years now with no complications or lost feeling in the nibble, my boobs feel the same way they did before just bigger). Just seeing if anyone else has had breast implants and still breastfed and when did there milk start to leak/show? I can see some form of liquid if I squeeze my nipple but not a lot! Is there anything I can do/eat or take to help milk production while still pregnant? X
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Your milk doesn’t come in properly till after birth it’s just the beginning of colostrum and u have a friend who has implants and still breastfed her little boy xx

There’s no reason you can’t breastfeed with implants whether in front or behind the muscle unless they detached the nipple or the incision was made around the nipple and there’s a possibility your milk ducts have been cut x

I'd contact la leche which is an amazing organisation that supports breastfeeding. They probably have a Web page about this specifically and you can ring and speak to a local person. Also their meetings are great for chatting about breastfeeding and gaining information

Your implants will probably have no effect in your breastfeeding, it's usually an issue if the surgery damage the milk ducts, so the problem is usually breast reduction surgery... specially with the implants being under the muscle, you should be fine! Just follow the general recommendations.

Thankyou ladies

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