Ok so I’ve been having lots of pregnancy symptoms for the past week and 3 days ( I had unprotected sex Feb 15)and this morning I woke up with lots of discharge but then later I started bleeding.. and I looked it up on google and it said “ early pregnancy bleeding “ but I’m not sure what that is or anything , please help moms 🙏
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Is it light ? C

My implantation bleeding was very light pink

I think the obvious answer is you need to take a pregnancy test you find out if you are actually pregnant or not? Once you know that then you can decide what’s the best thing to do next!

No the bleeding was like as if I got my period but it stopped , and I can’t get a pregnancy test cause of some reasons . But like idk why I started bleeding

@Aly if it was like a period I’d say you’re fine

Even if i already had it??

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