Hospital bag essentials?

I’m 35+4 and wondering if anyone else has done their hospital bag? I feel like I’m forgetting something and I don’t want to overpack. This is my second, I didn’t have one for my first due to being 6 weeks premature. So any list or ideas?
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Bring a cup with a metal ( or other reusable material) straw. Was the one thing I used the most last time 😂

My friend gave birth a couple months ago and said a must have was to bring pillows/blankets for her and her husband. The ones the hospital provides suck and it’s always freezing!!

I brought going home clothes, sleep outfit, reg undies, post partum undies, some gaterade, some snacks, pads, some nooks, the premade bottles, & some onesies for him, & slippers for myself. Imma just add the chargers & extension cord the day of.

Pillow and blanket from home for comfort. Snacks for both of you. Hair brush. Hair ties or clips.

This is my second as well. A pillow and blanket from home is a good option, I packed hygiene products because that after birth shower is definitely a must and having your own stuff is better. Long charger cables, comfy pajamas and a good and stretchy outfit for going home in for you. And also a couple outfits for baby. You don’t need diapers or wipes.

@Brittany the way I’m def telling them I need to shower, a meal, & a sleep aid. About to be the best rest of my life 😂

This is my second as well. Pillow from home was a must. I don’t know what they give you at the hospital in the UK. In Italy, we have to bring our own disposable underwear, pads, etc. I’m bringing for myself: Pillow Epidural gown Robe 2 pairs of pjs (breastfeeding friendly) 2 breast feeding tank tops 1 going home outfit - loose fitting and comfy Socks with grips (3 pairs) Slippers Boob pads Water bottle with straw Long charger cable for phone White Noise machine (the hospital was miserably noisy last time, as was my roommate) Ice pads (12 to start with and my husband can bring in more) Peri bottle Witch hazel pad liners Post partum spray Towel (if I’m lucky enough to get a shower post birth 🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼) Hair brush Stroller fan (was amazing during labour) Snacks - the hospital food is beyond AWFUL For the baby (we have to provide everything) Diapers Wipes 3 pjs Hats 3 onesie bodysuits Going home outfit Sleep swaddle Towels

What’s up with the big black knickers? 😂😭

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