Colostrum harvesting

I’ve been collecting colostrum for the past few weeks and have collected quite a lot. I’ve frozen the syringes so they’re safe and stored. But I’ve got a few questions. - How much do I take to the hospital? - I bought the freezer cube and bags so I can store them. Do I give those to midwife straight away when I go in? - If the baby feeds off boob and gets enough.. what happens to stored colostrum? Is it being thrown away or what do I do with it😂 Just unsure if I should keep expressing or hold on. I am expressing quite fast these days so I feel like the baby will be okay. I’m 40+3 today
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I took 5 syringes and wish I had way more! I have a good supply but lacking the latch from baby Yes give them to the midwife straight away and they will give any back that you don’t use if you request it x

Ohh I forgot about the issue with baby latching. That’s a good reminder thank you so much 🙏 will keep on expressing in that case just as you never know isn’t it

I took 10 syringes and used them all! (Was in hospital for 2 days) did breastfeed a few times but he wasn’t latching well to start with Just tell the midwives you have it when you go in and they’ll put it in the fridge for you 😄

I'd take about 5 in, and have someone on reserve to bring more in form you if you need to stay in hospital. On day 1 we used colostrum to get baby alert / interested in milk and then I managed to breastfeed. I'd keep going expressing as much as possible, my husband used about 40 syringes in the first week throughout the night to help me get some extra sleep xx

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