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How many times are we breastfeeding in a 24h period? My little one only breastfeeds before naps and bedtime, and then a couple times overnight which means about 6-7 feeds a day (besides solids obvs). Does that sound like too little? Thanks x
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We are on about the same if not less. like you before naps (unless out) and then before bed with one or two overnight. So 5 or 6? He has 3 meals a day though

Same here!

Same here.

He has 4 main meals and 2 snacks a day but he dropped a couple centiles and is now creeping up again so makes sense that he eats so much 😂🙃🥰

Yep, very similar here as well. Mine might have a couple of extra drinks out with that, but I wouldn't class them as feeds.

Same and she hardly feeds for long. I think my supply is drying up to be honest. I'm giving her one formula bottle now before bedtime as I can physically see how much she is getting. She is far less fussy taking that than my boob.

We are on 4!

@Rosie my supply has definitely dropped too but I still feel the letdown which he drinks it all from both sides 🙃 but pumping is a pain now as sometimes I don’t get anything 🙄

My pumping is pretty much nothing these days too!

6 or 7 feeds for me too x

Same here we feed in the morning, nap times, usually an extra one in there before dinner, bedtime and a few times overnight. On average I’d is probably 6-8. We are still on 2 meals though. Some days if we are out it can be far less.

@Nat same!!! I don’t know if I should start introducing some pre made milk for when she stays out, but don’t want to! Not sure what to do

Exactly same here and I was worried too whether this is okay ? Sometimes she dozes off for a nap in my arms without feed.

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