Breastfed baby at childminders

My ebf 11 month old has just started three days a week at childcare as I’m returning to work. She has refused a bottle from around six weeks and depsite offering her formula in a cup from six months she will not drink any milk as soon as she tastes it she spits it out. I have tried all different types of formula/ milk and bottle combinations and nothing has worked. She will happily drink water all day I was wondering if anyone else has a similar experience? Is it okay for her to go all day without milk? Really not sure what to do and I feel so guilty leaving her all day knowing she’s not having milk.
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Wish I could help but following bc this will be me in August when my wee one is 11 months x

My baby is 10 months and EBF. She only drinks water when I am at work. I work 12 hours shifts. Sometimes I go home during lunchbreaks if I am not busy. Otherwise I feed before going to work and when I am back home. We do try to give her formula milk for her breakfast which is usually porridge or cereal and she has a yogurt too. I also feel so guilty but surprisingly she is still steadily gaining weight 😬

Same issue. My baby seems fine when I leave him. He’s now 16 months. I’m still nursing. I would nurse him before I left and nurse him as soon as I got back. Since they eat solids it’s fine. It’s just us that have an issue. Plus if you get engorged. Since my LO is a little older, I don’t have to pump while I’m away but when he was younger I did and donated the milk since he refuses a bottle

Okay this is good to hear! I did think she’s probably fine she’s also becoming fussy with food but I feel like if she’s hungry she’ll eat and if she’s thirsty she’ll drink

Could you pump milk for her? X

I’ve tried! she won’t even drink my milk from a cup or bottle 😩

I’ve just started gojng back to work and have an ebf 10 month old who completely refuses a bottle. I pump milk and my mum who looks after her whilst I’m at work offers if her in a sippy cup, the only cup she will drink it from is a tum tum weighted straw up. She will only have a few sips throughout the day but it’s better than nothing. I just make sure she’s having fluids in her food like porridge and yoghurts etc x

I could have written this myself. My boy refused all types of bottles, cups to have milk in. He is going to nursery soon and worried he won't have enough milk apart from morning and evening. He drinks to sleep as well,so I'm scared he won't have naps while there. Following for some tips.though he is on solids and eats okay

@Jessica okay I’ll look into that cup! Weirdly she has taken a few sips of expressed milk out of a glass and a straw so maybe the straw could work! Annoying she’s randomly gone off porridge and yoghurt in the last few weeks but I keep trying with them as well

@Nancy it’s worth a try :) I put a bit of her favourite fruit purée and yoghurt on the tip of the straw the first few times to encourage her to put it in her mouth and once she did and she sucked and realised milk came out of it she got the hang of it then

@Pakizah my daughter also drinks to sleep so I was worried about her naps as well. So far at the childminders I believe she’s been having one nap a day which has only been about 40 minutes. It’s not ideal but there’s not much I can do when I’m not with her

Seeing as she’s so close to one you could just feed her before work and after. She will be fine during the day.. it may even encourage her to eat more. And that’s so great she’s happy drinking water :) Food now starts to become more important than milk (whilst it’s still beneficial or course) but they should start getting most of their calories from what they eat by 1.

Yep. Mine will be 1 on the 8th. Started with the childminder a couple of weeks ago and building up to 3 days a week with her once she's 1. By then I'll be working full-time hours (8:30-17:15) but having alternate Tuesdays off. So she'll be with my husband, her grandparents or the childminder 9/10 weekdays. She's been ebf since 12 days old. We tried to introduce a bottle of expressed milk at 4 months old but to no avail. Introduced an open cup and straw cup for water at mealtimes at 6 months which she loved and learnt to use quickly so we put expressed milk in a straw cup and she'd drink that when I was on KIT days. For the past month or so (even before I started back at work) on days I'm with her she generally feeds at around 7am, 2pm, 5pm, 7:30pm, 3am. On days I'm not with her she just misses out on the 2pm one and has a big feed as soon as I get home (17:30ish). We're not bothering with expressed milk she just has solid food and water, I'm not bothering to pump. I've had no real issues with engorement.

@Nancy @Jessica I second the tum tum weighted straw cup. That's what we use for water when out and about and what we used for expressed milk.

I spoke to my health visitor about this when my daughter was that age. She said it was fine to breastfeed in the morning and then when you are back together in the evening, as long as they have plenty of water and solids. My daughter ended up never having milk other than direct from me.

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