Elective c-section?

So I’ve struggled quite a bit generally with anxiety and obviously pregnancy has brought this out in a big way in some ways and interestingly very little in others. But the good old anxiety has been really kicking in these last couple of weeks, particularly as I’m thinking about birth plans and more and more I feel I’m leaning towards a c-section. I’m so nervous about tearing and general lack of control of when baby will arrive but I think mostly I just want to avoid the possibility of an unplanned/emergency c-section as I feel that’s what will get to me most. Anyone else in the same boat?
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I had an elective C-section and had the most wonderful experience. No pain and it was great being able to set a date and know when baby’s arrival was going to be! I hated the idea of inductions and forcing my body into labour and pumping me with hormones etc and so many of them and in emergency C- sections which are not as pleasant and calm as the elective ones.

I had an elective c section best thing I ever done. Don’t listen to horror stories id do it over and over again and im a big baby!

I am pretty much in the same boat, i have an anxiety disorder so I understand pregnancy making it way harder! In my mind I was already mentally prepared to choose a section until people around/midwife/consultant tries to change your mind so I had a good two weeks to re think and choose. All I can say, trust your gut and if you feel like you’re more comfortable with c section just go for it, you know your body better than everyone else. I have booked my c section 26th Feb (counting days now!) and yes I am nervous but I am very excited, I trust my body with healing and I know what kind of person I am and I feel like I will take this much better as natural birth. Be proud of yourself, regardless what you decide all it matters that you and the baby is happy and healthy! Feel free to message me after my section, I’ll give you more insight then haha Good luck x

I was led to believe the natural way is the best way, our bodies are made for this blahblah and I even paid for these courses hahaha and have lost over 2l of blood due to multiple 2nd degree tears all the way from the womb down. I'm 26, was really healthy and fit before pregnancy and I've almost lost my life from labour and have not been very healthy since. Trust your gut and don't let anyone else make the decision for you 🙏

@Sarah absolutely love hearing your experience, thanks for sharing your story.

@Sis you mama are an absolute soldier! I’m sorry you had such a rough birth and I hope you’ve recovered ❤️ I agree, trust your gut only you know your own body x

I had extreme health anxiety and was leaning towards elective c section. However, I got some CBT to help and ended up opting for an early epidural, as I realised I was mostly scared of the pain. You should do what makes you feel most comfortable but I can tell you, the early epidural was a beautiful experience for me and I’m glad I avoided an abdominal scar and potentially longer recovery. Having said that, one of my friends had an elective c section and she bounced back super fast so if you think it’ll help you manage the anxiety better, you should go for it and request it at every ante-natal appointment so they’re really clear about what you want. Good luck!

I’m having one for the same reasons. We picked a date and everything already.

I am currently in the same situation, a lot of anxiety around it. My drs obviously want to push for a natural birth but the closer I get I want to schedule a c section in hopes to have less anxiety.

Omg. Almost as though I’ve written this myself. I’ve decided to book an elective c section for exactly the reasons you’re talking about!

Love that I’m also jumping this post for exactly the same reasons, some fantastic stories ladies thank you all for sharing. I feel the same way and feel a sense of control and power in choosing a section rather than potentially having the choice taken from me. I just feel as though I wouldn’t want to hype myself up for a natural birth with all these potential changes to the plan only to end up having an emergency section if it ends up that way.. it’s a hard decision to make! xx

I'm exactly on the same boat. Before I was pregnant, I already knew I would probably go with elective c, and as I got pregnant, I just confirmed it. I'm so glad to see this type of post here with so many supportive responses as I posted something on peanut about c section early in my pregnancy and received a lot of judgment from others. The choice is ultimately ours (unless the baby comes extremely fast and there's no time to do a c section, lol), and the most important thing is for us and the baby to be healthy. The last thing I want is to have a horrible experience and then not want to be pregnant again.

My daughter was breach (found at 36 week scan) and we had an elective c-section - it was perfect and I had a great recovery. I’m due my second in May and am going for elective c-section again - I’m too anxious for VBAC and risks associated and we had a great experience last time so it’s the right call for us

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