Distressed baby

My little boy is 10 weeks tomorrow and I feel like all he does is cry. He will feed then be content/ happy for 10/15 minutes sometimes up to half an hour before he’ll then just cry and scream again. It feels like all he does when he’s awake is cry and I’m starting to feel really down about it. I see all these other people with happy content babies and feel like maybe I’m doing something wrong? Any advice/ tips for a first time Mum? I’ve had him checked by a doctor who says there is nothing wrong with him and when I spoke to the health visitor she wasn’t very helpful as just said it is probably down to a growth spurt or that he’s not a happy baby?
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Hey! I’m not an expert but I have the same experience with my baby. I’ve got to learn his wake windows and soon realised that he was crying because he was tired. Have a Google for typical wake windows for your babies age but I’m sure it’s around 1 hour (can be less, can be more). My baby also has reflux/silent reflux which can cause some discomfort after feeding so this may be another cause for the crying. Don’t worry, you’re not alone ☺️

I feel the same! LB is 10 weeks. I think alot of it is reflux but sometimes I just don’t know what it is and feel down too as I just want him to be happy. People say it gets better 🤞🏻

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