Releasing n Shifting

From the first warning, "my momma is fake n 2 faced, so...", or "I don't really talk to my momma unless she needs something"; to "my momma n my sister n all the women in my family have been the reason I haven't been able to maintain a relationship." Those are the moments I wish I would've paused to evaluate...the root n the cycle. Starting with myself n why I continue to attract this type of energy. The resentment n pain has been targeted at others, but the only one who can heal it is me. Trying to study n walk everyone else's healing path has thrown me off my own. I heard Queen Afua say that women heal in circles. The problem was, that my circle was toxic n everyone was in the same cycle in their own lives but deeply wanting something new. I needed a break from everyone who I learned from... friends, family, etc. I quit my job cause ain't but so much I'm gonna do just for some money, when there's no peace or fulfillment in it. Autopilot. I was stuck on it n needed to shake myself awake. Even after waking up to the reality that it's my responsibility, I still felt groggy. Eye boogers n all. Connecting with my soul tribe has helped me to put words to the emotions that need to be expressed. Sharing the words has been another layer that I'm learning to be okay with.
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Agreed toxic negative energy sucks! Keep it to a minimum but it’s hard when it’s family I get it! Keep doing you and showing up you your child that’s what’s important in life! 😍

@Donna katzen thank you🙏🏾💜

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