Hungry baby?

Might be a stupid question but, How do you know when you have a hungry baby for hungry baby milk? My LO is almost 7months old and has been EBF and feeds every 2hours. I have introduced formula and she’ll normally have some with her porridge in the morning and before bed. She only has 6oz per bottle but even with formula she doesn’t go longer than 2hrs which I thought was maybe just because of breast feeding. Does this mean she’s just a hungry baby and I should try hungry baby milk?
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Hungry baby milk is a complete waste of money. Your baby is either just a hungry baby or going through a growth spurt

@Amy Have you tried it was baby not fuller for longer?

@Louise Yep we tried it. Didn't help whatsoever

If you're breastfeeding remember it's about wayyyy more than just being hungry too. She could be hungry, or wanting comfort, or pain relief, or too hot or cold, or need to poo... the list is pretty endless 🤣 I also agree with above tho, if baby was wanting breastmilk ever 2hrs you wouldn't be trying to thicken your breast milk, she's just hungry (or wanting comfort) and nothing wrong with that!!!xx

When we moved to formula from EBF my baby still had bottles every 2.5 hours which was the same as when she was breastfeeding. Now she has a bottle every 3-3.5 hours and if I don’t have it ready she will let me know by getting aggy 😅

My little boy had been bottle fed from birth and still won’t go more than two hours between feeds! Some babies feed more than others, just feed her as much as she needs HV advised us not to use hungry baby milk as it can lead to digestion issues and constipation, she said essentially it’s harder for babies bodies to digest so sits in their stomach longer so they don’t feel hungry as quickly x

Thanks all! So sounds like it’s a overall no on the special milk! Appreciated and agree for breastfeeding sometimes it is just comfort or to get off to sleep etc. Just heard from so many people that ‘formula is heavier than breastmilk and baby will last longer’ etc so was surprised she’s still on the 2hr mark when I added this in.

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