Early induction

I’m being induced tomorrow at 37 weeks exactly is there any positive stories where induction has worked when early? Thank you
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Good luck!!! I haven’t had one but I’m also booked in for one on the 29th this month. My cusion and one of my closest friends have had it. One said it’s slightly more painful than natural birth but went smoothly. My cusion said that once she got the drip with one her girls that it went smooth and she only used gas and air. Not my personal stories but if it helps calm you in always like they have me then I hope it helps Good luck!! Wishing you well xxx

Thank you hope yours goes well too xx

I had an induction at 34 weeks with my first, laboured for 7 hours, pushed for 5mins, and did it all with just gas and air, you’ll be fine lovely!

Thank you that’s made me feel a bit better, glad your induction went so well xx

I just had my son from pitocin & it was great ! Pitocin contractions are no joke so definitely call for the epidural early

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