Weaning off Comfort Milk

My LO is turning 6 months soon and I would like to start weaning off her Comfort milk (it's so expensive and hoping now her digestive system has matured to go back to normal formula). We stopped her dentinox colic drops which has made no difference so hoping it will be the same with the milk. Does anyone have any tips how to go about it please? Thanks xx
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Change over oz at a time

@gem so swap out one Oz at a time, would you then go up to 2oz and so on if it seemed ok?

Yep if just maybe do an oz in each bottle for a couple days, then two oz for a couple days etc

There is a helpline on the tub, give them a call and they will advise 😊

My LO is on Cow&Gate comfort and I also wanted to do the same thing about a month ago. I started by giving one bottle a day of different formula, working up to every other bottle, then gradually up to the normal one fully. I will say that this actually back fired for us and my LO became very unhappy after a few days and clearly uncomfortable. We put him on this formula because of some quite bad constipation and tummy troubles and had also hoped his digestive system had matured enough. But just accepted he has a sensitive tummy!

@Georgia thank you. The formula company advised the same as what you did with just one bottle changed a day then to up it. I will see how it goes and if she gets the symptoms back we will also stick to comfort milk xx

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