Post partum baby blues

My son is 12 days old and I have been struggling emotionally, especially in the mornings. Any advice for getting through this time and does it get easier?
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Take it easy. It will pass soon. It's ok if you don't feel connected to your baby. You soon will. Rest as much as you can.

Hi Julia I’ve heard a lot of new mum says it’s hard in the beginning. I haven’t had my baby yet but have spoken to lots of other mums that shared the beginning can be really tough. If the mornings are bad, having a routine in your morning or something to look forward to and get out of bed for might help. There’s a support group called pandas in the UK that offer support as well, not sure if they have something similar in the UK xx

Girl I feel this, but honestly it does get a little better as time goes by. My girl is a month & a week old & not gonna lie I still feel it some days but not as much as I did in the beginning. Mornings were the worst.. She is my first so it has been a little hard adjusting to this new mom life but you will start getting use to it, but I look at my baby now & i know she’s never going to be this tiny again so I try to be positive (I know it’s hard at first) & enjoy every moment. I posted the same thing on here 2 weeks PP & I didn’t believe everyone that said it would get better & now I’m a a little over a month in & I can tell you it will, you will be okay love keep your head up & stay strong for baby boy, message me if you ever need to talk 🫶🏻

My baby is 7 months old and for the first 3/4 weeks I suffered massively with baby blues to the point I felt some awful things about her and felt I had no bond. No one can prepare you for the massive shock to the system it is to all of a sudden have this tiny little baby that you have to take care of whilst recovering from labour and being sleep deprived! But you will soon overcome it! Give yourself time to settle and get into a routine and don’t put too mich pressure on yourself, I expected the house to be immaculate and because it wasn’t it made me worse which I think is why I suffered for longer than others, enjoy your baby bubble and spend days in the house in your pjs with the house a mess and living off takeaways/junk food.. once you are in a little bit of a routine you will find time for all that! If you ever need anyone to talk to feel free to message me, I know how lonely it can feel the first few weeks xxx

If it doesn't get better, I recommend zuranolone. It's a 2-week course you can take while breastfeeding. It works as soon as 3 days. I took it from 4-6 weeks PP, and it's been life-changing.

I found the baby blues so hard! I was so worried I was developing PPD but everyday it eased a bit and I cried less, i just kept remembering it’s my hormones and a huge thing to have gone through so I just let myself cry when I wanted to cry!

It took me a good 6-8 weeks to not cry every day! It gets better 🫶🏻

I struggled with baby blues 7 days in but mine struck in the evening and I would cry for a good 2/3 hours. What I found helped was talking about what was bothering me. Generally I found I got upset for a specific reason (dreading bedtime, even thought I’d ruined my husbands life 🤷🏻‍♀️) but talking about my feelings and thoughts or what was triggering me with family and my husband helped loads. Or messaging a friend, phoning someone… just talk. After about 2 weeks they passed… but I still have my moments of getting really emotional. Parenthood is hard but you’ll get there ❤️❤️

Thank you everyone - I find myself missing who I was, like I’ve lost my identity. My husband is already back at work, and the mornings feel so lonely, and I don’t feel like myself. These messages are reassuring that I will adjust, it just takes time..

I struggled at night. It’s hard. I cried the first several nights home. It gets better. I think by 6 months we really found our groove and were solid. The nightly cries stopped way before then; although, I don’t remember when. You’ve got this mama! Lean on your support. Don’t feel like you have to be strong and do this alone.

Not sure if anyone mentioned it but if your mood doesn't pick up speak to your GP about medication

Yea it does get easier ! I cried almost everyday when my baby was fist born for about 4 weeks but everyday it got easier and easier try self affirmations and make sure you talk to sombody that’s what helped me if you want to talk I’m here just shoot a message it will get better 🫶

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