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People opting for planned c section how early did you find out your dates?
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I got mine at 36 weeks and C section is planned for 39 weeks x

I found the date out monday for next week. X

my doctors said you find out the week before at my hospital, so 38 weeks for a c section at 39

I find out Friday at 38 weeks for a c-section at 39 weeks because of baby being breach xx

I got my date last week (I was 32+3), think this is early though but I have a high risk pregnancy and I’m having my section at 37 weeks x

Found out at 36 weeks appointment arranged for 39 plus 4 x

My consultant booked mine at 34 weeks for week 39...exact date tbc

@Nat I was given my c-section date at 34 weeks also and they have booked me for when I am 39weeks+6 so the day before my due date 😬

I also got mine at 34 weeks! And arranged for 39 weeks 2 days before due date!

It was booked over the phone by my consultant at my 36 week appointment. All the way along my trust has been very consistent with giving me my next appointment before i leave. It makes such a difference to waiting around for letters to arrive

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