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I genuinely have no idea where to start when it comes to packing a hospital bag. A lot of people I know said they ended up overpacking. What is essential when it comes to packing for baby? 😊
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Nappies Wipes Baby grows Going home outfit lol Vests Hats & mitts Muslins Blanket Ready milk That’s all I took for baby xx

For you: Breast pads Button through pjs Big pants Pads/built in pad knickers Lightweight dressing gown Colostrum syringes if harvesting milk Slide on shoes Own pillow just in case you stay in Extra long charger My hospital provided towels so I didn’t need For baby Baby grows Vests Nappies Cotton wool Going home outfit Car seat Muslin cloths Cardi and hat for journey home and blanket if colder

This is mine: Birth Plan & Hospital Notes Bra - Nursing Breast Pads Dressing Gown Eye Mask Fans Flip Flops Hair Towels Knickers - Full Briefs - 3 Pairs Laundry Mesh Bag Leggings, Nursing Vest, Hoodie Maternity Pads Nightie - Nursing Phone & Charger Pillows Snacks Socks Sugary Squash & Cup With Straw Toiletry Bag Toothbrush - 2 Heads Towel Toiletry Bag: Bodywash Deodorant Flannel Hair Clip Hairbrush Hand Sanitiser Lip Balm Make Up Moisturiser Toothpaste Dad: Change Of Clothes Coffee Deodorant Phone & Charger Plastic Bag Towel Trunks Baby: Baby Grow & Vests Blanket Car Seat Cotton Wool Pads Fabric Sling Hat, Scratch Mittens, Socks Or Booties Muslin Squares Nappies Snowsuit

X3 vest x3 sleep suits. Nappies. Wipes and cotton pads. Muslins. A hat , blanket car seat

I second all of the list above. Also, based on my experience.. bring food for your partner (if applicable). The food for my hubby was horrible 😂😂 lucky we brought some snacks. But ofc this depends on the hospital.

for baby i’ve got: pack of nappies cotton wool or wipes 3 vests 3 sleep suits 5 muslins 3 hats blanket ready to go milk bepanthen sleeping bag/ swaddle cardigan for me: toiletries like shampoo, shower gel, moisturiser, makeup remover and stuff like hair brush/ toothbrush 2 gowns 1 pair of dark pjs maternity bras snacks water bottle peri bottle disposable underwear maternity pads breast pads pillow slippers paracetamol bikini top for birthing pool long phone charger nipple cream colostrum dark towel

Better to overpack than underpack. If you have complications you may be there a few days. Change of clothes for partner and multiple changes for baby. Even though a suitcase may seem a lot it will be much easier to roll out of the hospital that carry a bag, remember you won't be that strong after the birth.

Well for me i brought a charger my change of clothes and my shower bag but i didnt need my shower bag bc they had one there for me as well as after care things like dermoplast pads and mommy panties were all provided by the hospital For my baby i brought his outfit home which was a pj onesie tshirt mittens and socks only thing i wish i brought was snacks after i had him the food they brought me was nasty

For baby: Nappies Wipes Hats 2/3 x grows 2/3 x vests 2 x Muslins 1 x Blanket For you: Breast pads Hair/conditioner Body wash Toothbrush/toothpaste Change of clothes Hairbrush Pads Knickers Bras Personally I had a nighty (easier) Towel Flip flops. It’s so hard on what to pack with your first one because you don’t know what to expect really but I DEFINITELY overpacked and I’m sure most new mums did too. Honestly stick to the bear minimum xxxx

Look on your hospitals website it should give you a list x

@Elizabeth your in the US though. It’s different in the UK xx

I think everything has been covered.. only other thing I packed disposable underwear ( c section ones since they are more comfy) and I packed an additional bag with extra clothes for all of us and left at home for hubby to pick in case I ended up staying longer. Also, sticky note on door for last minute things to grab e.g keys, mobile, maternity notes

Thank you everyone for the help, it definitely is making it less overwhelming making a list 😊

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