Had my scan today

Was expecting a September baby but was shocked to find out I am further along and am due in August. This is our second baby and we are happy to be growing our family even if it was sooner than expected 🤣 14 months between them ❤️
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Congratulations! There are 14 months in between me and my sister and we have always been the best of friends. 🙂

That's such a relief to hear, so thank you for that x

Congratulations! There will be around 13-14 months between my two! I have an 8 month girl and expecting another little girl

@Georgia congratulations, It's so exciting

Congratulations- I’m in the same boat! Baby was due 2nd sept, had my scan yesterday and it’s moved to 29th August. My little boy will be 14 months old when baby arrives xx

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