Major mum guilt please help

Work is really crazy some weeks and it means I don’t see my daughter as much. I missed her tonight before bed and I’ve been crying hoping she doesn’t forget I was her main person before I went back to work. Will she forget how close we were during maternity ? Maybe that’s irrational to ask but oh my god I don’t want to do any damage to her growing up. I don’t want to be always working never present 😭 Emotional rant I really needed to get out, thanks for listening 😂
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Awwwh I feel exactly the same. I currently have Mondays off, but after Easter I go back full time. I see baby for like an hour max currently and I'm scared he'll forget me. I don't want to just see him on weekend, but equally I can't afford to not work. It's a hard one! X

It’s SO hard !! I really don’t want to go back to working full time, I’m also 4 days a week until June

This is such a normal feeling, but she definitely won’t forget! You’re her mum, and actually it can make the bond stronger because you savour those moments with her even more. Being a working mum is hard but we all do it because we love our little ones and it’s a necessity these days unlike it used to me the majority of parents work. You will not damage your child by working, honestly, I think we’d all stay home if we could afford to xx

Aw thanks @Ani I needed to hear that. I really hope she grows up knowing I’ll always be there even if I’m not physically with her all the time

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