In hospital-curtains closed

Am I weird? Currently in hospital due to a suspected heart condition and I am 25 weeks pregnant. Been here for a couple of days and moved to two wards. Each ward everyone has their curtains closed, all day every day. Sometimes you can hear that they are on TikTok and playing videos. When did people become so anti-social 😂🙈 or maybe I am a weirdo ahha Photo of my view for effect hahha
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Oh no sorry to hear that. Hope you’re okay x

@Laura 🌻 thank you! I just want to know what is going on. Baby boy is fine thankfully and kicking me like crazy

@Kayleigh have you been getting palpitations or something? Glad little man is okay 🙏🏼🙏🏼

To be honest when I was admitted I wanted to close the curtains but the staffs kept opening them! They said they need to know you are ok there 🤦🏻‍♀️ but I just wanted my privacy and rests 🫠

@Laura 🌻 yep and my heart rate and blood pressure are very high when resting.

@Kristine that’s totally fair enough haha I am a painful extrovert and staring at curtains for two days is making me go loopy 😂

@Kristine it was the exact same when I was in hospital. They kept opening them and I just wanted them closed lol x

@Kayleigh I don’t mind in normal days but after a surgery all I wanted was rests and not be bothered 🫠

@Kayleigh what’s ur resting heart rate don’t mind me asking x

@Kristine one ward I was on was for observation pre-birth. The ward I am on now is post-birth with babies which I can understand having the curtains closed more so. I am going a wee bit mental. Thank god for Netflix hahaa

Me haha

@ellie 120 🙈 if it goes to 140 I faint

Much rather the curtains closed personally for privacy, nothing worse than strangers being able to peep in your PJ’s 🙈

Having been in hospital, I understand your pain, but some people get overstimulated and just want to relax, and switch off. It's hard being in hospital with all those noises and many aren't used to the routine.

Omg I have established I am the weird one ahhahah

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Now you see, I like them done both open and closed. I love my space and privacy but I also love talking to peopke ahah

They're minding their business

I felt the exact same having the curtains closed when I was in while pregnant with my first but that was during covid so assuming that’s why they were shut, can you ask for them to be open? Hope you’re better soon x

I’d have them closed if I planned on sleeping or watching a programme because my resting/sleeping face is really not a pretty picture. I’d be worried if end up being a meme by the end of it. But I’d have to open them intermittently to have a bit of conversation or something. Bet you’re going bonkers - but hope you’re feeling better and they’re looking after you!

If you don’t mind me asking, have they told you your troponin levels? I only ask as I was in hospital yesterday for similar 😣

Have they mentioned POTS to you? X

Hope you’re okay! 💓

@Frankie I have been saying to the doctors for 2 years I think it is POTS but have been ignored. However have moved and now at a new hospital and yesterday my consultant has said she is 100% certain I have POTS and it has been exacerbated by the pregnancy. I am being tested but she’s essentially told me to assume I have it as I am textbook

@Kayleigh I'm glad you've got someone who finally listened. I've been diagnosed with POTs and it is not fun at all girl!

@Frankie oh gosh sorry to hear that you have it too! I am slowly getting used to my triggers and the signs…I helped my fiance put a shelf up (which meant putting my hands above my head), 10 mins later I had ringing in my ears and fainted!

@Kayleigh yep, my partner often gets a little frustrated at me, as I haven't quite got the hang of getting up slowly and often get up too quick and faint 😂 the weakness I get after being up more than 5 minutes is terrible, alongside pain I have with spinal stenosis, gunna look at getting a wheelchair so I can actually go out, as can't drive at the moment. Obviously being pregnant can't recieve any medicated treatment which is slightly annoying as my POTs is VERY unmanaged 😂

@Kayleigh yeah mine is really unmanaged at the moment. 😂 apparently POTs can often in improve in pregnant woman as they tend to drink more fluid, I have HG so for me it's the opposite 😂

@Frankie I have HG too and same! It is suspected I have had POTS for awhile but the pregnancy has made it worse. Highly recommend that presentation on POTSUK as it covered this too.

@Kayleigh I will definitely take a look! Xx

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