Possible name ideas please 😊

We have 3 children and their names are Julee, Ellie and Roy. They are all ending in e or y. I am pregnant with 4th due in October so I do not know the gender at all yet. Is there any girl names/boy names that end with similar sounds like that with two syllables? Thank you!!
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Avery,Marcy, josey Harley, Henry

Joy, Miley, Kylie, Destiny, Millie Sonny, Mccoy, Gilroy, Rocky

Bonnie Lucy Rosie Molly Alfie Toby Billy Bobby

💗 Airlie, Everly, Penelope, Josie, Marlie, Cassidy, Zali 🩵 Henry, Benji, Ari, Remy, Eddie, Rory, Brodie

Janee or Janey or Ginny Jaymee Joey

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