Anyone been induced and still able to have to labour they wanted? Last time I wanted a relaxed, hands off water birth in the midwife led unit. Instead I was told I had to give birth lying on a bed, hormone drip, constant checks and on labour ward
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It completely depends on how your induction goes. You do not have to have an induction. Why were you induced last time?x

@Chloë I had an unconcerning bleed at 41 weeks and they had space so said they’d just induce me since I was there x

@Uzz I went straight there last time. They honestly make you feel as if you have no choice about anything. I didn’t even get asked if I wanted the hormone drip. I was being hydrated through a cannula and they just hooked me up to the drip at the same time. Annoyingly my midwife isn’t the most helpful. She’s a big believer in letting the doctors/midwife’s do whatever they want x

@Jasmine having an induction can lead to further intervention. Unfortunately, there are also a lot of unnecessary inductions. The hormone drip is the last stage of inductions if the other methods don't work - however, continuous monitoring is used due to not knowing how baby will react to the synto. The hormone is gradually increased in dosage, but some babies don't cope with it (which is indicated by the CTG). Women commonly have the epidural with the drip due to the higher intensity of contractions, which again increases the risk of intervention. They shouldn't do anything without your consent, and you always have the choice. Fully knowing the risks will help, so you can decide what is right for you. At my trust, the guidelines state that you're still able to use the birth centre if you only need 1 pessary. Anything more than that, and they say you need to be on delivery suite x

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