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What are you feeding your toddlers? Like what does a day of food look like?
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I’m Interested in this too! 3rd baby over here and an absolute nightmare at eating, she has milk and a piece of buttered toast for breakfast, sometimes a snack of a rusk or cookie etc, then dinner is usually a wrap or sandwich of chocolate spread/peanut butter/banana (will not eat meat/cheese on a sandwich) with cucumber slices, 🙈 or a pasta/rice meal then milk and tea is what ever we’re having, sometimes snack after tea of yoghurt/pudding kind snack then more milk, it’s certainly not the healthiest or most varied but I’m not worried, my other two went fussy for a few years and came out of it, I don’t know any adults that will only eat spread on sandwiches so there’s hope for me 😆😆

We share everything 🫣🤣 Porridge with fruit and seeds every morning, sometimes weetabix for a change. Lunch I’ll rotate between soups, toasties or pesto pasta Dinner tonight was bean chilli with rice sometimes we do spag Bol, burgers and chips, sausage and mash Love a good lazy dinner of airfried nuggets with beans and chips too but I prefer homemade as we have a lot of allergies in our house 🙈

Toast, weetabix, Croissants, raisins, pasta, broccoli, crisps and biscuits basically 🤣 my boy is having a very fussy stage just now.

nut butters on toast or waffles with fruit in the mornings lunch is usually cold sandwiches with cucumber/tomatoes, toddler crisps and a yogurt dinner time is always a struggle, my son is very picky with hot meals! he eats quiches, sausages, pies, and if i’m lucky he will try some veg but usually spits it out.

I struggle with food for my toddler she’s not picky but half the time just won’t eat and if she does it’s not much On the plan for the next few weeks are Breakfast Cheerios and soya milk Bagels and butter (her fav) Toast and butter Fruit platter (oranges, strawberries and bananas) Lunch Currently no ideas she refuses lunch, probably just sandwiches or something! Tea Sausage and mash Tomato and herb pasta Spaghetti bolognaise Chicken and rice Chicken nuggets and homemade sweet potato fries I’m just doing a food shop now 🙈

Scrambled egg and beans Toast Cereal Pancakes Cheese wrap, fruit, snap pot yogurt Crackers, ham, cheese, fruit, crisps Soup, bread, crisps Beans, potatoe waffles, nuggets Veggie pasta Fish fingers, chips, beans Spag-Bol Homemade pizza Chilli & rice Snacks; fruit/ veggie sticks/ petits filous/ Babybel/ nutrigrain bar/ raisins with chocolate chips

Breakfast: Organ meats/steak Omelette with greens A piece of fruit Lunch Lentil soup Rye toast with butter Snack: grated apple with flaked almonds, chia seed & yoghurt Dinner: Savoury oatmeal with wild salmon, mushrooms and green peas. Dessert: a date

Breakfast : toast with scrambled eggs and fruits , sometimes I put cream cheese on the toast Lunch : chicken , rice and vegetable , a pasta bake or a ham and cheese sandwich, dessert is fruits and a yogurt For snacks they ll have a piece of cheese , some biscuits or fruit smoothie . Dinner they have what we have , they have not been picky with food so far , fingers crossed it continues like this . They like meat , fish and seafood and eat any vegetable . They specially love olives !

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