Collecting Colostrum

Been told by midwife i can now start collecting colostrum, Ive tried loads and nothing comes out and its painful. Any tips to help or should i just wait it out and try again later in the week?
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I couldn’t collect colostrum with my daughter, barely anything came out and it definitely wasn’t enough to collect anything. Did not affect my milk supply at all, I wouldn’t worry too much. If it’s causing you pain, that’s not going to help either as you need to be relaxed x

Hi, mine always works better after a warm bath. At first I was squeezing my nipples but it hurt after a while. Then I read some comments on here about how to do it properly and now I get around 2ml a day. So after a bath I massage one breast at a time using my palm to rub downwards towards the nipple. After 5-10 mins I use my thumb and finger (c shape) to squeeze downwards towards the nipple. And I rotate round. I’ve found my milk ducts seem to be on the sides rather than below or above. Hope that helps.

Try a hot water bottle on your boobs for 10 minutes before, worked well for me after only being able to get tiny amounts out.

YouTube for tips and personally I find if I'm not focusing on what I'm doing, I'm more successful. The more I force it the less I get out! Hope this helps

My midwife told me that there isn’t really any reason to collect colostrum in advance, other than if there are specific concerns about the baby not being able to breastfeed in the first few days due to health concerns. So if you’re a low risk pregnancy then maybe don’t worry about it? 🩷

I'm also not getting really anymore then drops out. I managed to collect 0.1ml the other day but since then nearly nothing has come.. Spoke to my midwife who said not to worry about it too much but I could keep trying.

@Maddie can I ask why you been told to collect colostrum? X

@Nadia might be having a early baby as hes stopped growing x

@Shauna this worked, thankyou!!

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