Sleep training?

If you did sleep training for your kiddo(s), what program/course/etc. did you choose? Not pursuing CIO but we need to figure something out for our guy. He was such a good sleeper until December and now it’s… a struggle. Wondering if any mums out there have taken a liking to any sleep training programs in particular!
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Check out the farber method on Google. Maybe that one will work better for you than just traditional crying it out. I tried cio method for one night and my son cried for 30 min. (Yes I felt horrible.) I say the same thing everytime I put him down for bed, the next night he only cried for 10 min. Then the next night when I put him in his bed he went to sleep with no crying at all. With the same bed time routine and the same bed time. I understand this method not being for everyone I tried a few. The farber method might be more for you! Best of luck on everything 🫶🏾

Ferber method with check ins. There are so many different versions of sleep training so I would research what works best for you.

Taking Cara Babies

I used the book Helping Babies Sleep Method by Dr Sarah Marshall. There’s two methods in there to try, the attended where you sit with them until they fall asleep and the controlled check in method which is similar to Ferber but both are gentler. Worked for me super quick at 6 months. It also gives you lots of tips to make sure your routine and sleep timing is on point and what to do if you get a regression, teething, go on holiday etc. it’s so good!

We used pick up put down method and it worked well. She was little though, 3 months, not sure his old hours is? Could be too overstimulating for an older child maybe.

Look up thatsleepdoc on Instagram. He's a pediatric neurologist that studies sleep and he has a lot of good info! I did a modified ferber, my son was getting pissed at the frequent check ins so we just started at 20 minutes and kept the same timing

We used ferber but our own times, so I would watch on the camera and if she was actually crying I would go in and comfort. But my little girl would cry even if I was cuddling her at bedtime!

Ferber with both of my kids. Worked in 2 nights.

Precious little sleep has two great methods, definitely worth checking out. It’s a book 😀

Thank you so much everyone!! ♥️

We did Taking Cara Babies and I really liked her methodology. It wasn’t cheap but it worked for my little one

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