Daycare gave wrong bottle

Have to vent....So daycare fed my baby boy the wrong bottle today at noon. His bottles have his name on it, he's ebf, has reflux and a dairy intolerance...they fed him a bottle of unknown formula on accident- don't even know what brand or how much. When I got him home he had a massive diarrhea diaper and it looks like he had pooped previously too as some was dried in his leg. The notes said he got changed at 1:45...i picked him up at 4:45....i gave him a bath as soon as we got home it was that bad. As I went to put his pajamas on he starts to spit up. As i get a Burp cloth it turns into projectile clear vomit. I pick him up and it just keeps coming. He's 5 months old. Was colic for the first 2/2.5 months and we had just started getting his tummy in a consistent happy spot. The person who fed him isn't usually in there from what I understand (it's our first full week full time there) but yesterday she also didn't put him down for his first nap until 11....he should have been put down at 8:30!!! It's on the daily info sheet!! So now I'm sleeping in his nursery and feeding him every 3 hrs to keep him hydrated and watch for more vomit and checking his diaper. Thankfully he's been happy otherwise but damn I'm pissed.
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Omg this is so frustrating and upsetting. Hoping your little one feels better soon🥺🩷

That’s awful and really bad practise! I don’t know what it’s like in the US, however over here we have a regulating body whom go and inspect the nurseries/day cares to ensure their up to standards, children aren’t being neglected and their needs are being met. If this happened over here, I would have reported them. Giving your child another child’s milk? That’s awful, they didn’t know what’s in it and having dried poo on his leg?! That’s so unacceptable and I dread to think how many other babies this has happened to 😟💔

This is something you need to report. Makes me scared to put my baby in daycare

Definitely make sure you complain properly to the manager. Your poor baby boy, hope he gets better soon xx

I am so sorry you are having to deal with this. And I'm praying that your little one gets better. This is what scares me about the idea of someone else taking care of my baby. He was hospitalized less than a week after being born and is on all sorts of meds now. He could have it's really important that his meds be taken on time every day. I don't trust anyone to be as attentive as me, and I'm truly debating if I even want to go back to work or not (although I need an income).

Report this immediately as it’s so dangerous!

i wonder if you can get some monetary compensation for that. 🤔 check the contracts you signed when you put baby in daycare!! see if they’re liable for those kinds of things

I would threaten legal action and demand compensation and for them to get rid of the person who neglected your baby.

This is not good but pls write in a formal complaint so they can follow up and you can be rest assured this will not happen again

I am happy to help if you need as this is my field x

This is really bad in my opinion - what have they said.

File a complaint!! Make sure you bring as much evidence as possible and make sure they follow through with whatever they say they’re going to do to resolve it.

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