Belly Trauma

My partner leaned on my belly by accident when getting out of bed but it didn’t hurt. Only thing is I have not felt any movement after that and I’m a bit stressed (it’s my first baby). Any recommendations or advice?
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If it didn’t hurt, you will be absolutely fine, have something sugary or some cold water that might get baby to move. Try not to stress, but if you are worried, definitely get in touch with your Maternity unit. I have a toddler and I am jumped on kicked and climbed on on a daily basis, a lot of the time it does hurt 😅 but it often can’t be avoided because that’s what toddlers do. I have said this poor baby won’t have a clue what’s going on in there, but they are so well protected, it’s really unlikely that something like that would cause harm.

My number one baby also likes to use my bump as a step for climbing / seat for himself too 😂🤦🏽‍♀️

How long has it been? They can sleep for 90mins at a time so you will want to give it at least 2hours before you decide there could be cause for concern

if it didn’t hurt, there shouldn’t be a problem. i’m currently pregnant with a toddler, and he’s kicked me a few times which never actually caused pain & baby has always been okay. but if you are concerned, never hesitate to contact triage to check as you know your baby and their movements ☺️

Baby is pretty safe in there, you should be fine 🥰 if there is no movement for very long you can always go for check up 👍

If worried call your midwife 😊 best of luck lovely xx

Thought I’d update you all, baby boy has moved ❤️ thank you xxx

Good good

Glad to hear that, yea I’ve got a toddler who likes to climb on me and sometimes slapped my tummy lol 😂 my husband freaks out more than I do. But I know baby is safe inside. As long as you’re not in pain

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