Chicken pox

I'm in a bit of a crap situation with SD6, I had a baby last Friday on the 16th so she isn't even a week old yet, SD is due to come over to ours on Saturday but she was confirmed to have had chicken pox on the 15th, I'm absolutely terrified of her coming here in case she gives our baby chicken pox, SD doesn't know the baby has been born as we were planning on surprising her when she comes over and I know my OH is desperate to see her as he hasn't seen her for almost 6 weeks, I feel absolutely awful in both situations, what would everyone else do? I'm going into protection mode
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Baby should have some immunity from you still. My SS had chicken pox when my daughter was a month or two old, she didn’t catch it. If you’re concerned though you can of course ask to push it back once the chicken pox have cleared up - it isn’t an unreasonable request as it’s for your child’s safety

Tricky when he hasn't seen her for 6 weeks, but I'd personally be saying to him that I'm not comfortable with it. I know everyone will say but if it was your own child they would be here anyway...but that doesn't mean you should be made to take a risk when it isn't required or necessary. You are still recovering and will need his help with you and baby. Maybe ypu could facetime her and play some games.over facetime or dad take her our to the park

They do say once they’re scabbed over they’re not contagious. So maybe check or ask for photos to prove they’re scabbed. We had the same with my SD when I was pregnant so slightly different. If she’s still contagious and they’re not scabbed could you ask to have her next weekend instead? It’s not worth the risk if she’s still contagious x

Before 3 months old it's not adviced to have her around baby. so she could come over but not in same space as you and baby which isn't very practical. My personal advice is trust your gut. If your not comfortable he should understand. When my boy was 8 weeks old my ss sibling on his mother's side had hand foot and mouth she called us to ask if we would be okay with him coming over and I said no. My husband and ex understood. When would he see her again? Could he not take her out for the day? Is there a compromise where your not ay risk? Xx

It's difficult as you say because you've not seen her in 6 weeks and if she was with you 24/7 then she'd be around baby and would have been before the spots started to show. With how little your baby is I can understand you worrying and being protective, I'd be the same. It's tricky as well because you don't want to feel like it's just you seeing it as an issue. If she does come to stay, can she stay separate to baby? What has your OH said?

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