hey everyone just found out my partner has low sperm count currently waiting for a referral however is there anything you guys would recommend we try to do at home any supplements?
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Impryl is a great supplement

Proxeed men

Definitely lots you can do-it’s worth getting a check to see if there is a varicocele. General advice -no cycling, hot baths, saunas or tight fitting boxers, not using laptop on lap or having phone in pocket, basically avoid anything that creates heat. Try not to do lots of sitting for long periods too. Make Improvements to diet, concentrate on whole foods, vegetables & protein, include lots of walnuts & avocados. Quit smoking & limit drinking & exercise regularly but not anything too intense like very long runs. Use supplements such as Proxceed male plus, a good omega 3 supplement & vitamin D supplement & probiotic. Good luck!

Thanks all❤️

@Sophie are there any particular brands u can recommend

Definitely check for varicocele my partner had extremely low count this is what he had. We was told would need IVF ICSI but we went else where he had a minor surgery and 6 months later I was pregnant. He cut out caffeine completely, stopped cycling, stopped hot baths, took ashgawanda and took a male supplement x

@MelanieWhat male supplements

Inessa wellness for omega 3 & daily biotic, Better you Vitamin D spray & then Peoxceed plus & Impryl

My husband had low sperm count and morphology. He stopped having hot baths, cut out drinking coke/sugary drinks and reduced caffeine, ate Brazil nuts every day, and took Proceive supplements for men. 4 months later he had repeat tests with improvement in sperm count and morphology - a month later I was pregnant.

He doesn’t drink but he does tend to vape which he has also cut down to once a day and has pre workouts that’s about it really

@Nabs procieve xx

@Melanie my Gynocoligist recommended proxeed men

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