Secondary infertility

Anyone in the same boat? Ttc #2 and been 11 months trying so far :(
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I know exactly how you feel, seeing a lot of negative pregnancy tests made me give up and I just told myself forget it. I started focusing on myself, was working out, eating healthy and trying to better myself. It took me almost two years to conceive my second child, my cycle was really off too. I booked an appointment with the obgyn and she did some check ups, she said I was ovulating, it was just that my cycles were very irregular so Im not dtd at the right time for conception to happen, i also used preseed, have you tried it? Are your cycles regular? Try speaking to an obgyn

this was me also. We were ttc for almost a year and a half for our second. I had all my levels checked and everything was within normal range.. I was also regular so it was unexplained. During that time I also had a chemical pregnancy which was heartbreaking. I had no other answers but I knew I was overweight, obese even by bmi so I focused on losing that as much as I could. I lost 2stone.. and shortly after hitting that I got my positive pregnancy test. I’m now 25wks pregnant x Please don’t give up hope, do get all your hormone levels checked to make sure everything is as it should be xx get your partner checked too as it takes two xx best of luck

Struggling with secondary infertility. My OB was actually very on top of it and monitored everything and then had me do the hysterscopy and laparoscopy and it showed endometriosis Now that that’s treated, we’re starting back up. Good luck to you ❤️

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