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Just found out I’m pregnant with a 4 month old baby. I finally decided I am going through it as my heart can’t take an abortion but I’m scared I won’t be able to handle it. My first baby is so perfect and calm. I read everywhere that the second one is always worse and I don’t think I can handle that. My husband is great and whenever I get overwhelmed I let him take the baby and that being said our baby is not colicky and heaven sent but I still get overwhelmed. We won’t be able to do that with two babies. I feel horrible for cutting my time with my newborn short 😢 I just don’t feel good about this at all. Any encouraging words or when did you start to feel better about baby #2?
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Not to speak too soon but my girls are 18m apart and my 1st was easy but my newborn is somehow easier. My second is almost 2 months old and she’s genuinely the easier child. Everything will work itself out ❤️

I’m literally crying as I read your message. You’re a complete stranger but wow did you really give me some comfort 🙁 thank you! I hope your babies continue to be just as perfect

I felt exactly the same as you and I have a 10 month age gap between mine! Your partner sounds really hands on and that’s the key, have someone who can support you because you will feel it some days! We put our little girl into nursery for a few days prior to her little brother coming and her progression has been incredible aswell as giving that time for 1 on 1 with our newborn. I promise you your first born will absolutely adore their sibling and when you see them laughing together and comforting each other it will fill your heart with so much love ❤️

I second Anphisa, we had an easy baby #1 and yet by some miracle we have an even easier #2. I spent my whole second pregnancy petrified and it’s been so much easier than I’d imagined, I really hope the same happens for you too 🍀🍀🍀

I am bawling at your comments 😢 it feels like the world is closing in on me so I’m glad I posted on here. I will try my best to think things happen for a reason and this little angel is also inside me for a reason

Give yourself some grace and also try and remember that many other women have been in your exact shoes. You’re giving your first baby their best friend for life and that’s so special.

I agree with the above. Baby #1 so easy going I thought for sure I would have a more difficult baby #2, baby #2 is soooooo chilled. y 2 are 18 months apart, currently 4 months and 22 months. The baby is way easier than the toddler! 😂

Motherhood is never meant to be easy, but your doing so well anyway! My LO will be 11 months when the new addition is here! I was worried at first but now I'm just going with the flo! There will be hard times, but as there ladies are doing, you can smash this too! X

My second is actually easier the my first too! 🥰

My gap is 16 months, my little one was 8 months when we conceived #2 and I have journeyed through grief around that loss of time with just the one baby, breastfeeding changed, and I just didn’t have the time I wanted to have with her when her brother came along. It was hard and I cried many tears. But both are my children are the biggest blessings in the world, it’s been really hard (especially because their dad left overseas so I’m single parenting 2u2) but 100% worth it. If you have a hands on partner you will do great and your capacity will expand as needed ❤️ Also #2 has been easier, what you read about #2 being harder is BS. Most people I’ve spoken to have said #2 was easier…

And I see your courage to embrace this pregnancy despite how scary it is. It’s not easy but it will all feel worth it soon enough ❤️

Hey, my eldest is what they call a unicorn baby. Didn’t cry, she slept through the night, wasn’t a big contact baby she loved cuddles but is a dream if you put her down, hit all milestones “early” and still such a independent Bub she loves exploring and doing things on her own but will come to you if she wants things. (We taught her sign for milk, food) She turned 1 on the 7th, I was due on the 8th but had new Bub on the 20th. My new Bub so far has been nothing but a dream! Only difference is she loves contact a little more and only cries a 4AM as she wants to contact sleep after a feed. When pregnant with my first all I copped was unsolicited “good bye sleep” “babies are so hard” then I copped all the same bs when pregnant again. Very rarely received any positive comments. I think it’s amazing that my babies will have a friend close in age and they’ll always have a play buddy. That they’ll be able to experience things together with a similar level of understanding.

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