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I am third party for my partner, his ex her partner is third party for her, we came to an agreement that updates would be Friday and Sunday. friday and Sunday is a general update of the week and weekend if possible Wednesday for pictures but only if available. This has increasely dwindled and its now I am reaching out to ask for an update and not getting them to pass on to my partner. I get the same excuse "I was called away with work I wil do it another day" There is a court order in place but its getting taken back to court as the first one is just basic and partner is looking for it to be re worded and add more to it. How do I deal with the updates? Is there something I can say? Or just just carry on with reaching out and not getting an update? Any advice would be helpful please. Thank you
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What does the third parties mean?

@Caroline The parents of the child don't communicate so everything is third party so updates go through myself and partner ex partner

Oh I see what you mean. Are the updates in the court order then? I can only speak from my situation and tbh I don’t update my son’s dad on what he’s been doing week by week. When my son visits his dad that’s his time with him and when my sons with me that’s my time with him, I guess that’s just part of separating when you have children, unfortunately you do miss out on things. Obviously if it’s in your court order then it should be done but if it’s not in a court order then I don’t really think much can be done 😕

My partner only sees his child 3weeks in the summer 1 week at Easter, it went in his ex favour. She cried she would miss the child, court fell for act. He's going back to change it

We had a group chat for us all to update each other as mum didn’t want to text dad. It was me, dad, mum, her very new boyfriend and the foster that had been looking after the children. However the group chat last a month before she left and said that I triggered her and then she started texting dad one in one. We had the group chat because she didn’t want to text dad and now all of a sudden doesn’t have a problem with it. We have court again for the 3rd time in a year, everyone is hoping for 50/50 custody or us to have him in of him. I’d say have a look in to the apps you can get where all of you can be updated on the app, photos ect but then no one has to text each other and if anyone gets nasty of difficult it’s all on the app to be shown in court

*in our care xx

@Ellie Childs mum doesn't want to pay for apps and doesn't want an involvement with dad

It can be such a hassle when mum is being like that. I would keep doing what you’re doing and you can use it in court that you are trying and it the other parent being difficult xx

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