Has anyone had acupuncture before and/or during IVF? If so how often or how long for, and would you recommend? My nurse mentioned it in our recent IVF planning meeting so thought I would look into it! We have around 3.5 months until we start our first round.
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I’ve had it every month for the past 2 years (for Endo) and I increased it during this IVF cycle to 2 x during stims once right before egg retrieval and once before and after transfer. It definitely helps with relaxation, helping stabilise your mood during stims and balance everything out x

@Imogen Thanks! I’m definitely going to try to find somewhere. How soon after transfer did/would you have it? X

I had it during stims once a week, before day of and days after egg collection and transfer, and then every week after the positive test. Definitely found it very useful x

@Abigail thank you!! X

I have started doing it this cycle & weekly, can't say it relaxes me at all. I just leave with a banging head. My issue is uterus lining, if it doesnt help thicken it, I wont be going back, not at £85 a session!

I had several treatments before doing IVF when we were doing ovulation induction cycles. I don’t think the treatment itself is what makes you feel relaxed, it’s having to sit still somewhere quiet for an hour and have nothing else to do. I went to a multi bed so it was about £20 a session. I don’t think there’s any harm in trying it but equally think taking a bath/ meditating/ going for a nature walk on your own also all do the same thing (and are free!) 😊

@Sadie yeah that is expensive! Hopefully it does work for you and makes the headaches worthwhile 🤞🤞🤞

I have it but doesn't appear to have helped much so far. £45 a session so it really is an extra expense. That being said I do get a great sleep after it x

Ive just had accupuncture tonight been having it weekly currently 7dpt x

@M I had another one this morning, mentioned my anxiety was through the roof. He done extra needles, wow! In my leg I felt like an electrical current shot down into my foot, then in my hand, which is apparently the place to relax you, instant quick cramp and then a sense of calm. He instantly commented he had hit the spot. Felt relaxed this time, until I got home from work & had a row with the other half, which we never do 🤨 think it relaxed me too much and mad me mouthy. Just got to see if it helps the uterus lining now.

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