2 under 2…. Solo.. help 😔

Hi ladies, I need some advice/ success stories. I have a 10 month old who will be 11 months old when my newborn arrives. My other half is unlikely to be able to support me with the kids due to work commitments which means I’ll be doing everything for both children solo. My mum is coming to stay with me for Atleast the first week/two weeks. I’d love to hear your story of how you coped with two under 1/2 and how you managed to do it alone? I don’t trust any other members of our family with our children (i suffer with post partum anxiety) so having other people look after my eldest isn’t an option. Just had the Frank conversation tonight and feeling upset, alone and sitting here thinking how am I going to do this 😔 xx
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You are so so allowed to feel all these feels. You are pregnant and you care which can make it all feel so heavy. What I can say is - it won’t be easy but you WILL come through this. Seek support where possible and give yourself grace if the first few months your just getting through the day. Messy is welcome. We aren’t meant to be perfect and thriving when navigating the rollercoaster of motherhood. You can do this 💖

I'm in the same boat! I'm due 3 weeks before my LOs 1st birthday! It isn't going to be easy, and I struggle now with being tired, but we can do this! You'll smash this! Don't think you have to get everything done in one day, keeping one human alive and raising them is hard, 2 is making you a legend! Here if you wanna chat! X

@Mia also pregnancy tired is a whole different level of physical tired!

I have a 2 yr old a 7 month old and I'm 5ish weeks pregnant now with our 3rd. My husband is gone Monday through Friday bc he works so much I don't have family close to give a hand. It will be a challenge but once you find a routine it'll be easier then you think (took me about 3ish months bc we traveled way too much, my 1st month pp) anyway once baby starts getting a sleep pattern try to line up your oldest nap with the babies and take a nap also (I know your thinking I should clean laundry dishes ect) don't just take the nap. Baby wear when possible. Involve your oldest in everything. Feel free to message me if you need to chat

I don’t have any advice as I’m currently 24 weeks pregnant and have and almost 9 month old baby. I can so relate to what your feeling. Nice to see I’m not the only one feeling this way. It’s also nice to see the encouraging comments as well..

Hey lovely, I have a 1yr old and a 5 day old. (1y13d apart.) I’ve had to continually talk with my partner through both pregnancies about the level of EFFORT he puts in. Every small break helps. When he gets home from work he can “chill” with eldest, he’s having a shower the eldest can go in with him, he’s taking 40 minutes to poop? In scoots the eldest, having a beer? Cool Bub will have a water and biscuit/cookie with you.😂 There’s no reason these moments need to be child free for him but not you. These micro breaks give enough to get my daily shower, dinner on, load dishwasher or get on top of my to do list I’ve missed. Now that I have the new Bub I have to-do lists like Self-care: (brush teeth, brush hair/retie hair, skincare) Basic household upkeep: (load dishwasher, washing, tidy kitchen, dinner prep.) Just small tasks until the full routine develops with both. I was already grocery shopping with Bub @ 48hrs.

Your eldest is going to feel HUGE now that you have a size comparison. You can do this, you just have to give yourself time to adjust. If you need to step outside and have a breather because you’re overwhelmed do it! You adjusted from none to 1, you can do the same with 1-2. Just remind yourself you’ve got this

@Em it really is! I think I'm living on 4-5 hours sleep a night, I can't nap in the day either so just zombified 😂😂 x

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