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How often does the dad have your l/o while you do anything that doesn’t involve the child i’e cinema, shopping, gym, meals etc. Is there an issue if you ask to do anything? Ive made a new Mum friend and she’s told me her son’s Dad has never taken him out by himself.. he’s almost 2😳 if she wants to do anything she has to take annual leave, she never has any time to herself in the house except for working from home. How normal is this scenario? This has shocked me! Just wanting to know how normal it is for a Dad to not step up? Maybe i’m lucky?
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I try go to the gym 3/4 times a week. That’s probably about it for a weekly basis, but he does the same.. But anytime I want a night out/coffee with friends i do, and the same for him. Every family’s different. I’d have gone mad in that situation, but some people are fine with it x

I’ll get my hair done once a year or so, and I’ll have nights out with friends very occasionally. However he will take my little boy out to the park once every couple of weeks and take him to do the food shop once a week, but I usually stay at home when he does that but I’m a home bird lol. However we have just had another baby last month so I’ve not had any time apart from both kids apart from getting my hair done and my lashes done, so twice in 5 weeks but I’d say that’s good going considering it’s a newborn and I EBF! If we want to do something/go out we just ask and 9/10 there’s no issues.

He takes him out of he's on a late shift to soft play or park or something and he loves it, so like once a week. But if he's not working he'll happily take him out every day cos it's his kid and he loves him 🤷 I personally think your friends baby daddy is pathetic, I'd have left his useless butt my now

My son is 2 and my husband doesn’t take him out himself either. But he works full time 6 days a week while also running a business and goes to the gym straight after work, so he needs the time of a night to decompress. I’m a SAHM so I fit whatever I want to do in with my son tagging along. I have horses so when he was younger I used the carrier or pram while I worked them. Now that he’s 2yo he ‘helps’ and loves doing the feeding and barn chores. I only ever/do ride though when hubby is home of a night & weekend, even if he’s not watching our son he’s there inside just incase something happens. & my son is happy to watch or play in a secure play spot in eyesight while I ride. There’s not anything I want to do that he can’t tag along with tbh, so I think it’s completely normal. I’d much rather it this way so I get the luxury of being a SAHM tbh.

I think it depends on the work life really. As my husband loves his son but works Monday to Friday then on the weekend we do family stuff together. He does have him by himself mon till friday for an or so while i go to the gym.But I guess if this person doesn't work through the week then why can't he take his son out by himself but if he does work maybe they want to spend time as a family.

@Jenna doesn't he want to do fun stuff with his kid? See him playing at soft play, run round the park etc? My husband works 6 days a week too but still finds time and I'd be heartbroken if he didn't. It's really important bonding time surely.

@Mel s of course? But we do that stuff as a family. Sunday we spend the day doing an outing or activity, of a night he’ll play with him while I make dinner and clean up etc, he’ll read him bedtime stories. I never said he doesn’t spend time with him- I said he doesn’t take him out/mind him while I go out without them because I have no need or want to, which is what OP is referring to.

I get days off my partner gets days off and we have days together as a family as well. Lots of them. Unless your friend finds the arrangement she has difficult and exhausting, in which case she needs to have a serious word with her partner, then there’s no problem. Each and every single family is different and what works for one doesn’t have to work for everyone.

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