Just needed a little frustrated rant about being overdue. I’m 40 + 3 and not had any signs she’s coming. So frustrated but trying so hard to relax and go with the flow in hope to release more oxytocin. Doing all the things they say to do and no joy! I know in the grand scheme of things 3 days over is nothing but it’s still so frustrating. How is everyone who’s over due managing?
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I watched a hypnobirthing video that said it should really be a due from rather than due by date because most babies actually come after their due date and especially first ones. I'm due Monday. Trying to remind myself of that but it's definitely trying. Due date puts such pressure as actually anything from 37 to 42 is normal. Should be a due window not an exact date..hang in there and enjoy precious few days to yourself. X

I feel you💗 not going to lie the more days that pass the harder it’s getting, I’m 9 days overdue basically now 10 and nothing happening apart from gradually losing my mucus plug in the last two days. I’ve been out for lunch a couple of times and just generally keeping on top of cleaning etc at home and going for walks, taking daily baths to relax too x

I know the feeling of wanting your baby here. They will be here within the next week, almost there muma!!

I had zero signs until 41+1 (first time mom) and my baby was born the next day.. everything can happen pretty quickly when both your body and your baby are ready x

Awww thanks girls!!!! Xx

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