Possible hashimotos or graves

6 months pp with our ivf baby 🩷 got my tsh tested and it’s 0.03 and t4 was 32 and t3 was 90 Wanting to do another embryo transfer but they won’t let me until it’s all under control . Please let me know what I can do to make it better 😭
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There really isn’t much to do other than take medication and wait for your levels to get to the range your doctor needs them to be at to do another embryo transfer It can take a month or two to get back to normal

I have Hashimoto’s 👋 You can only diagnose Hashi’s if you test your thyroid antibodies. That might be worth testing now that your thyroid is out of whack. However, it is very important to emphasize that it’s common for your thyroid to go haywire during and after pregnancy. It’s possible that’s what this is. You likely need to get put on medication if you haven’t already, and you’ll need to get your thyroid tested regularly—probably every 3-4 weeks. For Hashi’s, I take 200mcg Selenium (no, a Brazil nut doesn’t cut it; you need an actual supplement), Myo-Inositol and look at any other underlying issues like: deficiencies in vitamin b12, vitamin d and iron, and gut health. Congratulations on your bebe and best of luck getting this managed so you can go on for your second! 🩷🩷

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