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Hello ladies! So I’ve been abstinent since giving birth at the end of November as I didn’t want to start hormone birth control too early while breastfeeding. I spoke to my doctor and he recommended the Mirena IUD and I’m considering it for these 2 reasons: 1. Apparently you are fertile again as soon as you take it out which helps with family planning (if I do have another timing will be important) 2. He said my the nerves from giving birth are not working properly for 6 months after delivery so the insertion will not be as painful (I took the pill for 20 years so have no idea what pain is compared to giving birth! lol!) I want to hear your thoughts on it, ideally I’d have my second shortly after turning 40 after I have completed law school and articling, so timing is everything, please share your experiences and anything you wish you’d known prior to getting it! Thanks mamas!
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Get the copper IUD. It's non hormonal. It works the second it's in place. And you can get pregnant the second it's out. That's not the case with Mirena. It also won't affect your mood or weight like a hormonal birth control will.

I had 2 IUD’s before we started trying for a kid. Insertion kinda sucks…. A lot. I’m hoping you received good information about the nerves because I have my appointment in a couple weeks and am not looking forward to it. I also can’t do 3 under 3 so it’s a necessary evil. I won’t remember to take the pill and can’t go in regularly with kids in tow for the shot. I was horribly irregular and spotted most the month with the arm implant so IUD is my best and safest option. My MD told me to take Motrin before coming in. It’s a fairly quick procedure.

@Jennifer I didn't take any pain meds before my appt, and I didn't feel a thing during insertion. No pain later in the day, either. Just light spotting for a couple days. Hope it goes well for you, too.

I got my mirena IUD put in at my 6wk post partum appointment and felt nothing. I had also had an iud prior to having my first, and was blessed to get pregnant with her 2 cycles after taking it out. This was just my experience, but I’d recommend it

I had the mirena, I got it at my follow up but I did have a C-section. I had a TON of cramping😅 got it out in the beginning of July, got pregnant in Aug, miscarried end of September, and got pregnant again with rainbow baby end of October. I’m now 18 weeks+5

I had the Mirena prior to having kids & again after my oldest was born 6 weeks postpartum. I had a c section & the iud placement was definitely painful. I had it removed 9 months postpartum to start trying for my second baby & it had embedded itself so the removal was also pretty painful. I did not get pregnant with my second until 18 months postpartum with my first (granted I was still breastfeeding so that obviously affected my fertility). I did not use any form of birth control after my second & EBF which resulted in conceiving baby #3 while postpartum 18 months after baby #2. If I were in your position, I’d probably go with the copper. For me, after years of messing with my hormones on birth control, I realised after baby #2 that I didn’t want to do that anymore. Sending you good vibes & hope you find what works best for you & your family.

I have it done 4 months after. Insertion was painful for me. I knew I’m not good with pills, I can of want another one so I don’t want permanent solutions. Almost thinking of implant only which is 3yrs & I don’t know if I want something in my arm. There’s things need to be better for us before we could have another one. We need to be stable in relationship emotionally, better housing, better car, & my husband to be able to work stable or we get a passive income so I can mostly be home instead of working. My husband doesn’t have enough patience to handle raising another baby. Most likely I won’t have another till I’m 40 & the little one be 5yo.

I had a Mirena for 6.5 years. I got it out in July and pregnant in October. I didn't have a period for 6 years, and then only had 3 before I got pregnant. Which was pretty nice not having to deal with that every month. I wasn't post-partum when I had it inserted, but I personally didn't find it terrible. I had some cramping, but nothing I couldn't manage with a heating pad. I know others who have had significant pain, so I think different bodies have different responses.

Thank you everyone for the responses! I still have not made a decision, I have a script for Mirena but haven’t filled it because I did some reading and found that many women have put on quite a bit of weight on this one specifically… it sounds superficial to be so worried about weight but it’s not easy for me to lose weight and it took a lot of therapy and mindful eating g to get to where I am now and I kind of think my mental health would go south real quick if I were to suddenly put on 30 pounds. Anyone else have this issue? I’m thinking straight up condoms and spermicide plus the mini pill for the next two years lol.

I didn’t gain any weight with the mirena, but everyone is different 🤷‍♀️

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