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We were going to wait till May to start trying for baby number 2 when my little girl would be 2.5 but we started trying early incase it didn’t happen straight away, which it didn’t. But now I’m pregnant and my baby is due 3 days before my little girls birthday. I feel really bad for her. Will I be in hospital for her 3rd bday? Will I be at home or ok enough to celebrate? Will the baby be born on her birthday? I can’t help thinking I should have waited till May. Am I overthinking this? Does it matter? I know there’s not much I can do now. But nonetheless I’m still worried.
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I know someone who shares their birthday with their younger brother. Says he was the best present ever. They're in their 60s now and celebrate together every year

My little brother was born 5 days after me, I was 6 and I was so excited I actually wanted him to come on my birthday😂 I got a real life doll for my birthday I was obsessed. I suppose with her been so little if you are in hospital you could maybe do her birthday before or after I know you’ll know but she won’t know the date luckily at this age! Just so you know you will have recovered enough to celebrate, I love looking back at my 6th birthday party videos my mum was absolutely huge with my little brother in June heat walking around and setting up my garden party she even got on the floor to play pass the parcel😂I think you’ll be surprised what your body will let you do for your little ones ❤️I think as they get older too they will tell you if they want to share birthdays or have separate ones me and my brother always had separate ones we got more cake that way x

My daughter was born on my bday it is the best present ever tbh! It would be nice for them to share their bday together x

My son and daughter share the same birthday, I wasn't home for his 2nd birthday but I gave him a gift before I went into hospital and when he came to visit us at the hospital we had a cake :)

@Sumaya oh wow that’s amazing! How did you feel about them having the same birthday? X

I felt horrible at first! 😂😂 but that quickly went away when I saw them together and now November is always going to be a special month for us. I think I'll have to choose the birthday activity for the foreseeable future so they don't fight then give them individual weekends for activities of their choice 😂. And always separate cakes!

One of my best friends growing up shared a birthday with her older sister and they LOVED IT. Was so special for them and made their bond even stronger.

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