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With my first I always made bottles fresh and would sometimes store them in the fridge or I used the nuby rapid cool. My 2nd baby is due in August. I keep seeing videos about prep machines,I heard so many bad things about them but the more I’ve looked into them,as long as you’re checking the temp and cleaning it regularly you shouldn’t have any problems? Is it worth having? I’m just aware I’m going to have my hands full as I’m on my own and thought it could take a bit of the weight off but I also don’t mind making the bottles fresh I just wanted peoples opinions on them!
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We used a nuby whilst her feeds were below the 4oz mark and then moved onto the prep machine for ease with two! It also helps that we can just take it to bed with us and use it in the night to reduce the disturbance of going up and down the stairs for our oldest!

@Molly I didn’t even think of taking it to bed that sounds like a dream! did you have many problems with the prep machine? I’ve seen some people say that there has been the wrong amount of formula and water! I’d obviously do more research on what brand would be best!

It is a huge help haha, mainly because with a second you deffo do not want to get out of bed 😂😂 we have a tommee tippee from our first, just changed the filter. Theo didn’t have any issues and as far neither has Immy, then again you do worry slightly less with the second, considering her brother snots on her, coughs in her face and dribbles on her hair when he gives her kisses.. germs are everywhere anyway haha

I’ve used a prep machine on both my boys and I absolutely love it!!! Like previous comment we take ours upstairs at night we’ve just recently got another so we have one downstairs and one up! X

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