Potty training

My 2 year old isn't having any of it, she will sit on the potty then jump up straight away but do nothing in it, is it bad she still isn't potty trained at 2years 3 months? She's so stubborn!! Send me tips please 🙏
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No it’s not bad!!! At all! She’s just not ready. My little one isn’t anywhere near x

Let her walk around naked. It works .

@KITAA how does it work 😳 what is it they do differently when naked ?

lol well since you introduced her to the potty she knows where to go. Subconsciously she’ll have to use the potty and go on her own or ask you since her mind will be confused since she does not have on a pull up.

They are used to pee/poop -ing in their pull ups just got to get her out of that.itll become easier. Another tip : I always praise them even if they have an accident on the floor. (It May happen) Just Continue to introduce potty . Every 15 mins.

No it’s not bad. I did the 3 days potty training with my girl and she just clicked right away but you have to plan it that you are home for few days and don’t leave the house 🫣😅

Some dont potty train till they are 3 so i wouldn’t worry, my hv said sometimes its easier when they are abit older

She’s probably just not ready! Our little boy hasn’t shown any signs at all- don’t panic about it! Our health visitor the other day said a lot of kids aren’t ready till about 3. Just leave it a bit longer- better than her having a negative experience x

My son did his first poop in the potty this weekend. We aren’t stressing about it at all. He sits on it sometimes and watches a few cartoons these days he’ll often do a wee then. No pressure though.

We did no Diaper and tried to have him sit on the potty every couple hours. He would sit fine, but stand up if he wants to pee. At around two weeks when we we’re about to give up he finally got it! Don’t give up!

My sister in law said my nieces were closer to 3 1/2 before they clicked and she tried quite a few times. We've not tried yet but the other day he took himself to sit on his potty as I've shown him what it is etc

My little girl is 2 years 4 months and isn’t potty trained. Shows interest in in toilets and potty’s but won’t wee on it!

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