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I will be looking at putting my baby in his own room next month when he is 9 months old, my SD who is 10 years old stays with her mum for 6 nights and then us for 2 nights. She likes to have the room in the evenings to FaceTime her friends and play computer games but obviously I’ll need to put my baby to bed between 6&7pm so I was thinking I could either: Put the travel cot up in my bedroom for the 2 nights she’s here so baby is in with us Or: SD uses our bedroom in the evenings to FaceTime & play and just goes in her bed in babies room at bedtime What do people think? Any other suggestions? Anyone in a similar situation, what works for you? Thank you in advance 🫶🏼
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I would let her use your room i was in kind of the same situation and my ss wanted his own room to play with his friends he only stays 1-2 nights max sometimes not even that and i found moving the baby was hard as she had to get used to sleeping in 1 room then move to the next and move back etc

@Jess thank you, I did wonder about this with my baby, we’ve been away a few times and he’s been fine in a travel cot in a hotel but I guess different rooms at home might be harder! X

Same situation here. 10 year old step son. Baby girl due in May. Step son 2 nights per week, except half terms where its shared. Toddler age 3.5 years full time. Currently boys share a room. When baby girl is old enough to share room (they have biggest room) we will have theboys do their downtime in our room until their bedtimes so baby will go down 1st. Then toddler. Then eldest.

@Stacy that does make sense x

I have a 9 yo SS and he gets his pyjamas on when my baby goes to bed, he’ll then sit in the lounge with us and watch tv etc until his bedtime then his Dad quietly takes him into the room and gets him into bed, at this point my baby is fast asleep so it works fine! I wouldn’t want to commit to having my baby in my room for 2 nights as I don’t think she’d sleep and we have another baby due in a few weeks! X

Just to add we just give a 10min warning and say she’s going to bed in 10, do you want any of your toys/colouring stuff out of your room to take into the lounge before she goes to bed. In the mornings my toddler is usually up about 7/7.30, I usually gran her and change her etc in the lounge not to disturb SS, although he usually just gets up anyway. If your child lives there full time I think it’s better to keep their bedtime routine

@Josie thank you yeah our baby lives here full time so I think we may be better doing the same routine as you then x

We also have the same scenario, SS 7 and baby is 5 months. We will keep baby in our room in a travel cot till around 8/9 months which by then I’m hoping he’s dropped his night feed. I have had sleepless nights over how to tackle it but ultimately the house is babies permanent home and SS is only with us every other weekend so I think it’s important to prioritise babies routine and keep them in the bedroom and the eldest work around them. Like others have commented pre warn before baby goes to bed so they can grab anything out they’ll need and wait until baby is asleep to put the eldest to bed 😊

@Laura thank you, yeah I think it’s best he stays in his room after reading the comments. I also bought a travel cot to keep him in with us longer but he’s 8 months now and still in the next to me crib as he’s not sitting up yet and still fits in it! So I guess ideally I will transfer him straight to a cot in his own room, he’s not sleeping through the night yet 😕 which will obviously be disruptive for SD but I’ll be back in work in a couple of months so do really need to get into some routine x

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