Fragmin ??

Anyone on fragmin injections and have any tips on making it less painful 🤣
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Im on insulin 4x a day .... I believe they have to be injected into similar areas. You need to make sure it's going into fat not muscle. I find I tend to inject my thigh as that's easier for me.... I make sure I'm sat down... Perhaps on a toilet seat and it pushes out the fattier areas as im quite slim anyway and helps me find somewhere to inject. Can't bring myself to inject the belly area as I can't find enough fat to pinch / I feel like I'm going to hurt baby. Although I know I wont I also oddly find my left leg is always less painful than my right. But I have to keep swapping to avoid damage

@Louise where do you inject exactly on your thigh?

I’m not at the moment but used to have them. The trick the nurse taught me in hospital is to use ice first. I used to rub/hold an ice cube over the area I was going to inject before hand then do it x

@Evie Mai I’ll have to try that I’ve had them before but don’t remember Them be that bad

Is fragmi like blood thinners if so I remember having to inject after my last c section and the needle is alot bigger than an insulin needle. I used my stomach ccc

@Emily ya it’s the blood thinners ya the needles are huge and it hurts so bad I tried leg tonight and is worse x

@Kirsty oh god I find putting insulin I my leg kills so I only use my stomach

@Emily think its just gunna be one of them get on with it things.. I still have a long way to go.. I will check with my midwife If im doing it right just in case but I don’t remember it be this bad before x

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