IVF with one ovary?

Hi, I’ve had several surgical procedures due to endo and pcos and have had both fallopian tubes and one ovary removed. We are currently on the waiting list for IVF vi the NHS but I’m wondering if anyone here has had ivf with one ovary and can offer any insights?
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I did IVF with only one ovary. My AMH was like someone a decade older than me but they took a chance on me, gave me a fairly high dosage of meds, pushed my body for the max number of recommended days, and out of that we got 12 eggs and PGT-A testing showed that one of our embryos was chromosomally normal and that one good embryo has now become our 3 week old bubba 🙏 IVF is a really stressful and emotional process so I’d just recommend breaking every bit of it down into a checklist and just get through each little bit at a time. Maybe even give yourself a sticker for each bit you get through. Also, after every load of evening injections I’d give myself a “well done” chocolate 🤣 it’s totally valid to soothe yourself as you do something so physically and emotionally big x

Following, i have same situation with one ovary. On my second cycle.

I got 2 babies via Ivf, I have one ovary, and fallopian tube block , and each baby on circle treatment, 2020 and 2023.

Thank you of the info, it’s good to hear some positive stories, I figured I may get a higher dose. We’ve had blood tests and I’ve been told my AMH is fine so I’m not sure if that’s fine for one ovary or fine for a person my age??

If you’ve got good AMH you can still get a good yield of eggs from one ovary without even needing too high a dosage 👍 what happens after that with quality of embryos is anyone’s guess. It feels like luck of the draw most of the time. I know ppl who have got like 11 eggs and ended up with 9 embryos! Then I got 12 eggs and ended up with one good embryo but that one was all it took. You never know what will happen you just have to hope xx

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