Loss After Stopping IVF Meds?

After 4 years of TTC and 3 losses conceiving naturally, I'm 9 weeks pregnant after our first IVF transfer. It doesn't feel real and I am still worried it could end at any point, though I've never gotten this far before. We've had scans and everything is measuring the right size/heartrate. I feel strongly that my past miscarriages were due to my hormones being off and not able to support the pregnancy. Because of that I am so worried about coming off the hormones I've been on during the beginning of this pregnancy. Has anyone experienced loss after coming off the IVF meds?
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I’m so sorry for your losses.❤️ I had hormonal issues and was so scared to stop my ivf meds as well, but everything ended up just fine! I was told the placenta takes over hormone production at that point, so you’re just fine to stop the meds. Sending hugs your way!

I have felt this too! My clinic also said by 8-10 weeks your placenta is producing enough progesterone on its own, which is why most places stop meds after 10 weeks. That being said, if you’re super worried about your hormone levels, maybe your clinic would do an extra blood test after you come off the meds to make sure your numbers are still good?

Hi! I also felt this way and was told to stop cold turkey at 10 weeks. In fact, I pushed to stay on them longer and my RE said that staying on synthetic hormones for too long when the placenta has taken over can actually harm the baby, particularly boys’ sex organ development. I was so afraid, but I listened to my doctor and now have a healthy 5 week old! Hugs 💕

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