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What do you mamas cook for dinner for your kids?
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My 2 year old loves pasta and rice, and thinks sauce is the bomb. I'm bored AF, but he gets his veg and carbs in? Lol

They eat what we eat. Tonight we are having roasted veggie lasagna with salad and garlic bread

My 5 yr old will eat tacos, burgers with everything on them, pizza with everything on it, sometimes protein pancakes (kodiak), breakfast burritos, he doesn't like pasta or rice but loves veggies and fruit. We are trying to slowly expand his diet into more of what we eat, but this is what has been working for us for now.

And of course, chicken nuggets/strips, he will eat meat loaf sometimes, and this lasagna casserole thing I make that's pretty mild.

If she likes chicken alfredo there's a good chance she will like a homemade chicken pot pie. That way you can get in some veggies carbs and protein all in one meal.

We do noodles with sausage. Chicken nuggets with veggies. Breakfast for dinner. Pizza. Sometimes grilled cheese.

Same things I cook for my husband and I! All kinds of stuff. Seafood, curries, soups, proteins and veggies, pastas, salads whatever we feel like!

I have an Everplate subscription. So I’ll pick 6 meals and they deliver it all and I cook it.

Whatever we eat. But some cool ideas for lunch and snacks stem from different ig pages I follow like reallittlemeals

I usually make some sort of meat, a vegetable and rice or pasta. So, spaghetti and meat balls and mixed veggies, or tuna pasta salad with peas, smoked sausage with peppers onions and rice, salmon with rice and asparagus, chicken noodle soup, broccoli cheese soup with chicken, build your own buddha bowls, beans and rice, chicken Alfredo with broccoli, breakfast for dinner breakfast burritos, Mac and cheese with smoked sausage and vegetables. Some days we just eat sandwiches but I try to cook dinner so we can sit down together every night.

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